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Located in Brussels and Wallonia, A&G FUNERAL brings together women and men with a natural empathy and great attentiveness to support you:

• In the planning of your final journey

• When a loved one is lost

• After the last farewell


“May we be permitted, at our burials, not to reduce ourselves to our deaths, but to feel how much, in life, we have been alive.”
Delphine Horviller

Every detail matters

Each of us is unique and deserves to be commemorated in a special way. We are here to organise with you a unique tribute that will reflect the important moments of your loved one’s life. A commemoration that will provide significant and lasting memories for the family members and friends attending the service. A combined total of more than 300 years’ experience enables us to answer every wish.

Available and attentive

The A&G FUNERAL network offers you high-quality, dignified, warm and friendly services.

We guide you through all the administrative steps to be carried out, and we aim to turn this time into a peaceful memory.

Always ready and willing to help, we pay careful attention to every last detail in order to support you in these difficult times.

Respect & competence

At A&G FUNERAL we work together with the greatest respect for everyone.

The human being is at the heart of our concerns. Because respect goes hand in hand with competence, we train ourselves carefully to ensure that we act as appropriately as possible.


We are here for you to facilitate difficult times.
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