Getting through the mourning

After the funeral

Getting through the mourning

How should I talk to children about death?

How do you explain death to a young child? – BBC

What books should I give my child?

25 Children’s Books That Explain Death And Grief To Kids – Caroline Bologna – Huffpost

How to find a psychologist who speaks english or another language ?

The best way to find a psychologist who speaks your mother tongue is searching on this website with the “advanced research”

Working Through the Death of a Colleague ~ by Arielle Dance

Leadership trainings and company handbooks don’t typically prepare managers for one of the most difficult things they might experience: the unexpected death of a team member. The author, who works in cancer care, recounts the difficult challenges she faced after losing an employee — and friend — and offers advice for managers in the same shoes:
1) Be authentic with your team;
2) Remember that your plan is not everyone’s plan;
3) Communicate your grief clearly;
4) Use the buddy system when it’s time to hire a new colleague;
5) Find a way to keep the memory alive.

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When a colleague is grieving ~ by Gianpiero Petriglieri and Sally Maitlis

Grief is a universal human experience, yet workplace culture is often inhospitable to people suffering profound loss. Managers come to work prepared to celebrate births and birthdays, and even to handle illnesses, but when it comes to death, they fall silent and avert their gaze. The default approach is to try to spare the office from grief, leaving bereaved employees alone for a few days and then hoping they’ll return expediently to work.

This article provides guidance on how to humanely help team members return to productivity. Grief rarely unfolds in a neat progression, and managers should understand the phases the bereaved will experience and the most helpful response to each. Immediately after a death, acknowledging the loss without making demands is the best a manager can do. After grieving employees are back on the job, managers should be patient with inconsistency in performance and attitude. And as workers eventually emerge from mourning, managers should support this opportunity for growth.

In confronting grief, managers help fulfill their promise to bring out the best in their employees.
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Live your mourning

The best way to find a psychologist is searching on this website with the “advanced research” so you can specify your mother language

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