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The florists can personalise their creations according to your wishes: types of flowers, form, specific installations, floral creation around a symbolic object, etc.

Personalised composition

A cascade of flowers around the deceased’s guitar? A coffin cover in the form of a scout cross? Give preference to the use of local and seasonal flowers? Everything is possible.

Floral decoration

Desk, walkways, altar, flower petals, etc. We decorate the place according to your wishes.

Long-stem flowers

Flowers distributed to relatives for placing on the coffin.


Cushions are most often circular or square in shape. Made from flowers with short stems and worked compactly, they hold their shape very well.


The symbolism of the crown has been used for funerals in European civilisation at least since Greek antiquity. It signifies the circle of eternal life. Crowns can be laid flat or placed on a stand.


A bouquet of cut long-stem flowers in the form of a sheaf.

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